Tuition Rates:


(Effective September 3rd, 2018)

Annual Registration Fee (non-refundable): All programs $50.00 per child, $65.00 per family.

Group Day Rates: 

Full Days

5 Full Days4 Full Days3 Full Days2 Full Days1 Full Day



Half Days

(5 hours per day max)

5 Half Days4 Half Days3 Half Days2 Half Days1 Half Day

*Please note there is an additional fee of $15.00 per week for children over 2.9 who are not potty trained.*

School Age Program Rates: 

Before & After School $140.00 per week

After School Only $115.00 per week

Before School Only $75.00 per week

Early Release & Non-Vacation Days $17.00 per day (in addition to your usual rate)

School Vacation ​$210.00 per week or $42.00 per day

**Maximum tuition charge for a full week in the School Age is $200.00**

School Age Summer Program:

5 Full Days4 Full Days3 Full Days2 Full Days1 Full Day

Transportation Services $35.00/week- one way

                                       $50.00/week- two way

Payment: Tuition and transportation fees are due Friday for the following week (See Westfield Cild Center's Payment Policy).

Vacation: Group Day children are allowed three weeks vacation per school year (Sept. to August) at half the weekly rate. School Age children are allowed two weeks vacation per school year (Sept. to June) and must register for the summer program. You must submit your vacation in writing at least 2 weeks in advance to receive credit.

Family Discount: A discount of 15% is given to families who have more than one child attending Westfield and receiving no other child care subsidy.