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470 Torrey St.

Brockton, MA, 02301 

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Our Program:

Are you looking for something constructive and educational for your kids to do before or after school? At Westfield Child Center, our before and after school programs have seen the smiles of countless youngsters as they learn extra lessons before and after school and forge new connections and friendships that enrich their learning outside of regular school hours.

If you work early or late and there isn’t somebody to watch your children, there’s no reason to feel inadequate or unprepared as a parent. That’s why you sign up with Westfield Child Center—it’s the responsible and beneficial thing to do for your kids. Your children will expand their thinking, their talents, and their school skills at our before and after school programs.

Why not keep the day’s education running? Let Westfield Child Center make little achievers of your bright children.

We offer:​​​

  • Before and after school care

  • Transportation to and from most Public Schools
  • Indoor Gym Space
  • Heated Indoor Pool
  • We accept Vouchers through PACE
  • Summer Programs
  • Field Trips
  • Special Visits

        And much more!!