Letter to Families: June 13, 2020

​​​​​Dear WCC Families,

As I mentioned in my email last week, the Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) was scheduled to release additional guidance for childcare providers this week, including the steps necessary for centers to reopen. That guidance was just released today, and further guidance is expected to be released in the coming days. Therefore, based on the information we have to date; our best estimate for the date we will be permitted to re-open July 6th or July 13th.  Please keep in mind that this is only an estimate and is subject to change as we receive additional guidance and learn more from EEC.  We do know that we will not be opening any earlier than Monday, July 6th. To meet EEC’s strict guidelines and stringent staffing, training, health, and safety requirements, it will be necessary for us to temporarily change our hours to 8:00 am to 5:00 pm at the very least through the summer. We understand that this reopening date and/or our new hours will be difficult and/or impossible for some of you and for that, we are deeply sorry. As things stand now, we simply have no other viable option. If you will be unable to return to Westfield as a result, please let us know as soon as possible.

Ms. Susan was very busy this week reaching out to all of you by phone and/or email, but was not able to speak directly to some of you.  If you have not spoken to Susan about your child’s enrollment status, please contact her by Wednesday, June 17, at 508-588-0100 or e-mail her at Soreilly@westfieldchildcenter.com.  If she doesn’t hear back from you by this date, she will assume that you won’t be returning to Westfield and your child will be removed from our list of prospective returning children.

We will be working hard next week on our reopening plan and will let you know as soon as we have updated information. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

Enjoy the weekend!

Best regards,



Lisa B. Litcoff, MSOL

Executive Director